About Chase

As a 4 year old, Chase posed an excellent question to his mom one day
while walking through a grocery store.   As they searched for the
perfect canned good for his school’s food drive, Chase asked “What if
everyone we know did this, wouldn’t that fix the problem?”

It was that very moment, we knew Chase had the heart to change the
world he lived in.  We, as parents, felt both proud and honored to be
able to help see Chase’s vision through.

Chase is now a 4th grader, and thanks to amazing family, friends, and
our community as a whole, Chasing Down Hunger is in it’s 7th year and
growing immensely.

As collections of both food and monetary donations continue to grow,
we are excited to see a child’s innocent and thoughtful question
blossom into a community wide project that will change the lives of
many for years to come.